There is a clear distinction between recruiting new or experienced agents vs. productive agents. Experience has very little value if productivity is not attached. Does it really matter if our agents are new or experienced as long as they take action, produce business and fit within your culture? So, going forward, let’s focus on the selection of productive agents.

Newly Licensed Agents 6-12 Months

This is an agent you did not meet when they were initially interviewing companies, but you see they have had some success out of the gate. The earlier in their career you can approach these sales associates, the better success rate you will have.

You can say:

Hello, this is [name] at [brand, office]; I’m the [position] here. Unfortunately, for some reason we never met when you were selecting a broker; however, I still like to know all the sales associates in my market. I was wondering, how are you doing in your first months in real estate?

I see you’ve taken [x number] of listings so far and had [x number] of sales so far. Is the business everything that you expected it to be?
What do you think is missing? [Training, support. etc.]

Several sales associates who affiliated with my office around the same time that you got into the business already have [x number] of listings and [x number] of sales.

Why don’t we get together so I can share with you what I can offer to help sales associates to develop their businesses?

I’m free [state your availability]. What time works best for you?

  • Comply with the National Do Not Call Registry rules and your broker’s Do Not Contact list and policies.
  • Follow Telephone Consumer Protection Act, state, and local laws on telemarketing, auto-dialers, and prerecorded messages.
  • Review your local MLS rules and regulations regarding the proper use of listing data.