The systems, tools, and services you offer are features—but it’s the benefits that they can glean from the leader’s point of view that will have the most impact on their decision to affiliate with your company.

Newer agents who associated with another company in your market

Remember that the earlier in their career you can approach sales associates, the better success rate you will have. After connecting with a newly licensed agent via referral or co-op transaction, make a call to get to know them, let them know you, and what you offer that they aren’t currently getting based on what you heard.

You can say:

Hello, this is [name] at [brand, office]; I’m the [position] here.

I understand that [name], one of the sales associates [name] affiliated with my office, has been working on [customer deal] with you and spoke very highly of you. They thought you would be a great fit.

We know it takes a great sales associate to recognize another great sales associate and we use these referrals to extend invitations so people can find out more about our company.

[Pick questions, listen carefully to choose the next]

  • May I ask you how long you’ve been in the business? (Great)

  • Have you always been with this company? (Interesting)

  • How did you happen to choose the company you’re with? (Good)

If I could show you proven systems and programs that could significantly increase your business and income by working smarter not harder, would you be interested in talking about it? (Fantastic) My schedule is set where I work with sales associates in the morning conducting productivity and action workshops and I have personal coaching sessions in the early afternoon. I can meet you anytime Monday - Friday between 3:00 - 5:00 pm.


  • Comply with the National Do Not Call Registry rules and your broker’s Do Not Contact list and policies.
  • Follow Telephone Consumer Protection Act, state, and local laws on telemarketing, auto-dialers, and prerecorded messages.
  • Review your local MLS rules and regulations regarding the proper use of listing data.