Top recruiters begin nurturing a relationship by calling each agent they add to their target list. With each agent, they follow a consistent process:

• Build rapport
• Offer item of value
• Demonstrate proof of success

The Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity is a social rule that describes the phenomenon that when someone does something nice for you, you feel psychologically compelled to do something nice in return. When you offer something of value to the agent, the chance of the agent saying yes to you is more likely.

You can say:

I’d like to give you [a book/market report/invite you to a class] for your work as a co-op agent on that transaction. Let’s meet for coffee so we can talk more about it. I’d like to hear more about your business and the challenges you are facing.


  • Comply with the National Do Not Call Registry rules and your broker’s Do Not Contact list and policies.
  • Follow Telephone Consumer Protection Act, state, and local laws on telemarketing, auto-dialers, and prerecorded messages.
  • Review your local MLS rules and regulations regarding the proper use of listing data.