Make it a practice to ask for referrals every time you talk to agents. 

Ask for Referrals in Exchange for Agent “Gotta Minute”

You can say:

Agent: Hey, do you have a minute? (respond to their question) 

Manager: Do you have a minute? I need the name of one agent whose life I can help change by bringing them into our office.

Ask for Referrals in Sales Meeting

You can say:

Show of hands, how many of you have or would like to have a referral-based business? 

Of course, you do, they are qualified, warm leads. I’m building a referral-based business too. I’m looking to improve our market share because I want to make it easier for all of you to list and sell. 

Who have you worked with that would be a fit for our office? 


Who have you worked with in your co-op transactions that has impressed you? I don’t know every agent and don’t want to affiliate an agent that wouldn’t work well with all of us. 


If you had to list your own home for sale and couldn’t do it yourself or with the company and had to list with a competing agent, whom would you list with?

  • Comply with the National Do Not Call Registry rules and your broker’s Do Not Contact list and policies.
  • Follow Telephone Consumer Protection Act, state, and local laws on telemarketing, auto-dialers, and prerecorded messages.
  • Review your local MLS rules and regulations regarding the proper use of listing data.