Objections are opportunities to share the value you offer.

Objection Handling: Commissions objections.

When you ask to set an appointment with an experienced agent, expect them to throw out objections. Just as you coach agents to be prepared to handle the most common objections from their customers, you should also be prepared with great scripts to handle the most common recruiting objections.



You can say:

I don’t want money to be the only reason you don’t come over.

I’m curious. What’s more important to you: a higher commission split or actually putting more money in your pocket?

Let's break down the extra income you acknowledge you will earn here along with your business expense savings and convert those dollars into how much actual extra money you would earn.

As you can see, with our company you will actually be earning more personal income. Isn’t that what you want? Great, all we need to do now is simply sign the contract so I can help you get what you want in the time you want. Won’t that be great?

Let’s figure out a way to make this happen now and get you what you want in the time you want. Won’t that be great?


  • Comply with the National Do Not Call Registry rules and your broker’s Do Not Contact list and policies.
  • Follow Telephone Consumer Protection Act, state, and local laws on telemarketing, auto-dialers, and prerecorded messages.
  • Review your local MLS rules and regulations regarding the proper use of listing data.